​What are the design options?
Second Suites are custom-designed for your location by Christopher Strom Architects.  Homeowners may decide to “build-to-blend” with the character of their existing home – or – add a pleasing modern counterpoint to your yard.
Why are they important?
A Second Suite allows city residents to expand without increasing the mass of the primary residence. It can also allow for multi-generational living while maintaining independence and privacy from the primary home.  Families can share resources, provide care-giving, and enjoy spending time together.  It is a cost-effective alternative to an apartment or even an assisted living facility.
What is a Second Suite?
A Second Suite is a permanent secondary residence on a city lot with a dedicated kitchen and bathroom. Legally, they are referred to Acessory Dwelling Units (ADU) and they come in several different forms. 
Do you have any other resources?

Check out Inspired Independence by clicking here, to see another firm doing Second Suite-type work.
Who are they for?
Grandparents, Adult Children, Rental Income… or just more space for your home office or studio.
Are Second Suites legal in Minneapolis & St. Paul?
Yes, as of December 5th, 2014, when the Minneapolis City Council approved an amended zoning code to allow for “Accessory Dwelling Units.” In St. Paul, the City Council voted October 17th, 2018 to allow Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) on single family lots throughout the city.
Other cities may have different regulations, but nation-wide trends in zoning are becoming more flexible in this regard.
​How much does an ADU cost?
The total price for an ADU can vary widely. For more specific information, take a look at our Cost review.
How do I get one?
An architect-led code review can determine if a Second Suite is possible for your property.  Chris Strom has 15 years of architectural experience and is very familiar with Minneapolis Residential Zoning Code; in fact, he has been an advisor to city zoning staff for recent Minneapolis residential code changes including the adoption of the Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance.  Chris is a two-time “BLEND Award” winner and his projects have received numerous Star Tribune “Home of the Month” and Mpls-St. Paul Magazine awards.  Chris was chosen as the 2014 “Emerging Talent” by the American Institute of Architects–Minnesota for his unique design solutions. Click here if you would like to get in touch with us!